Help to connect people with local resources that are available to them – help with transportation, phone calls, healthcare, childcare, housing, jobs, continuing education, addiction treatment, etc.

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We’re convinced Getting Ahead will have a deep, lasting impact on individuals in our community who have lost their future story and don’t see a way out of their day-to-day struggle to survive.

Getting Ahead gives folks an opportunity to see how living in poverty impacts their life, decide what the adjustments they would like to see, and make their own argument for change.

If their life has been filled with barriers, vanishing opportunities, and setbacks this class gives the chance for self-discovery for a new path to stability, a new story and tools for them to create the change they want to see in their life and a support system to help them maintain it.

Getting Ahead is a great opportunity to establish growing relationships with Investigators (participants) that can lead to a variety of ways to follow-up and ways of loving them like Christ and meeting them where they are. The potential for transformed hearts and lives is immense.