Years ago, a boy in my daughter’s class came to school with tennis shoes that were held together with paper clips.  His family could not afford any new shoes.
— Rebecca Carter

Upon hearing this and many other similar stories, God led us to create the Jeans For Teens Ministry.  

We wanted to give teenagers in need the opportunity to shop just like other kids.  Jeans For Teens has a shopping room for boys and a room for girls.  

How does it work?

After obtaining a voucher from the guidance office at area schools, students can come once a month to shop for clothing that is geared toward teens.  Jeans For Teens is open every Wednesday from 3:30pm-5:30pm (during the school year).  

We also share the love of Christ.  

Our goal is to provide for both the physical and spiritual needs.   Twice a year, we invite the whole family for free dinner, shopping and haircuts.  Our goal is to love others as Christ loves us.  God's commandment "Love They Neighbor" is the foundation of this ministry.  

Questions about Jeans for Teens? Contact Tim Hopkins.



3:30-5:30pm during the school year Jeans for Teens is open


you can drop off donations anytime in the bins located around campus