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September 2019 Newsletter

This is our seventeenth year for Little Creations and it has gotten off to a great start!  We are excited about this year and we are enjoying seeing both old and new faces. Listed below is information concerning the month of September and some suggestions for parents to help make things go more smoothly for your child.

  • Tuesday, September 10th is Teddy Bear Day. This day will be filled with lots of fun teddy bear activities from crafts to snacks.  We suggest that each child bring in one favorite teddy bear to share in their classroom during carpet time.

  • Parents are required to sign their child in each morning and sign their child out each afternoon in the classroom.  Any special pick up instructions should be noted when signing your child in. Our pick up time is between 2:00 and 2:30pm.  If your child is picked up after 2:30pm, a late fee of $5 will be charged. Please be considerate of our teacher’s time and schedules.  Most of our teachers have children they need to pick up from elementary school. Thank you!

  • Make saying good-bye short and positive.  This puts your child off to a good start for a busy morning of activities

  • When packing lunch for your child, please remember that Little Creations is a peanut free program.  This means that peanuts, peanut butter and any products containing peanuts or peanut butter need to be excluded from your child’s lunch.  Food items with labels that indicate “may contain traces of peanuts” are considered acceptable.  However, we have found that some Lunchables and Lunch Makers include candy bars (such as Nestle Crunch and Butterfinger) that contain peanuts or peanut butter.  Please remember this when you are deciding which Lunchable to send in your child’s lunch.  Due to an increased number of tree nut allergies, please check with your child’s teacher to see if almond butter, nutella, etc are acceptable for the classroom.  If an alternate butter is acceptable for your child’s class, please label any alternate butter in your child’s lunch.  Please send healthy foods limiting the number of sugar snacks or treats.  These foods should be fixed so that they are easy for your child to open and feed to themselves.

  • 2% Milk is always provided for lunch.  If your child prefers juice, please send a juice box or pouch.  This is easier for children to handle at the lunch table.

  • Because cubby space is very limited, please send items for rest time that will fit in your child’s backpack.  The only items needed during rest time are a crib sheet for the mat, a thin blanket or towel for cover, and a small sleeping buddy, such as a stuffed animal.  Remember to label everything you bring from home.  

  • Medicine of any kind should not be left in your child’s bag.  Because Parent’s Day Out is a short day, please give your child any needed medication before coming to school if possible.  Otherwise, all medication needs to be left at the front desk.

  • Be sure and check out our new website Through the year, you will be able to view class pictures of special days and keep up with upcoming important dates.  

We are looking forward to a great year! Thank you for sharing your child with us and helping us provide the healthiest and safest environment possible.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kari Lett or Juanita Mullins at 922-7529.

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