The Mentoring Project is a National Initiative

TMP inspires, recruits, trains and equips men and women to become relational youth mentors.

This program is equipping our local body of Christ-followers to work with at-risk children and families right in our own community.

Each Wednesday after school, our church transports children from a local elementary and middle school to the church for one-on-one mentoring. This time of snacks, games, and projects offers the Mentors and Mentees an opportunity for relationship building, encouragement and faith building. After Fellowship dinner, Grades K-5 attend AWANA discipling groups and Grades 6-8 attend our Beaver Dam Student Ministry. At the end of the night, all kids are provided transportation back home.

The Mentoring Project runs with the Knox County school calendar so we will break for the summer and see you back in August. 

Would your child or a child you know be a good fit for The Mentoring Project? Fill out an application to get them connected with a Mentor. 

or you can print the paperwork and turn it in at the church

Adults wishing to mentor a child fill out the application below.

Ways to Plug In

  • Mentor a Child on Wednesday afternoons or evenings
  • Mentor a Child at a local area school based on your own schedule
  • Engage children at The Mentoring Project with your own special skill 
  • Become a TMP Prayer Partner



Upcoming Events