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Groups meet January 27- March 16th, 2019

Most groups are on Sunday evenings, but a select few are through the week. Some groups also have childcare in the home, others will have it available at the church. Please double check the description when registering that you are good with the time and details for that group.

Online Registration Directions:

  • Choose a Group.

  • Click the Green Button to register for that group.

  • Login to Realm. If you’re a guest you can just use your name and email.

  • Please register only adult Family Members that will attend Life Group.

  • You can also pay for your book during your registration if you want.

  • Once a home is at full capacity it will be listed as full.


Babcock Home

Facilitator: Carri Russell


Stooksbury Home

Facilitators: John & Stephanie Steinke

Connors Home

Facilitators: James & Tina Haun


Solomon Home

Facilitators: Sam & Melissa Alley


Bolinger Home

Facilitators: Claude & Janice Moore

Beeler Home- FULL

Facilitators: Gregg & Elanda Mason

Sanjines Home

Facilitators: Cody & Natalie Gideon


Worsham Home- FULL

Facilitators: Alan & Tracy Price

Mode Home

Facilitators: Scott & Stephanie Hood


Jellicorse Home

Facilitators: Kevin & Stephanie Greene


Shaddix Home

Facilitators: Caleb & Gini McClurg

Church Campus - Fellowship Hall

Facilitator: Tina Parlier

Cook Home

Facilitators: Ryan & Katie Flint

Edmondson Home- FULL

Facilitators: Chad & Haley Turner

Untitled design.jpg

Stewart Home

Facilitators: Greg & Jan Fine

What is a Life Group?

Life groups meet weekly in a local home of some of our church members. They are led by facilitators. The Facilitators job is simply to encourage conversation and allow the group to talk about the book we’re reading through together.  

How does it work?

The Church staff chooses a book each “semester” and we divide up into life groups. Life groups meet at different homes, and even on the church campus. There is childcare at the church for Preschool + Nursery aged children and the older children are able to come to the home with you and hang out while the group meets. Most of the time there’s even food involved. We encourage everyone to be intentionally inviting someone to Life Group. These are a great opportunity to grow with others from our church and the community as we study and learn together.

What book are we reading?

You’ll for sure want to bring your bible. We’ll be reading through Timothy Keller’s book The Prodigal God for Winter Life Group. There is an option to purchase one from the church for $10 or you may find your own copy on amazon, ebay, etc. You can share with a spouse or each buy your own.

Facilitator Guides

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